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We supply the highest quality sandstone products. Call us today with your enquiry on (07) 4697 6033.

At Helidon Sandstone Industries we have a certificated weigh bridge so that all loads are weighed on the way in and out to ensure you are getting an accurate weight for your load. We can weigh up to 80 tonnes.

Split Random

Split random is hand split at approximately 100mm, random shapes, perfect for garden edge or retaining walls.

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Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stone is a beautiful smooth rounded stone in varying sizes, very similar to river stone.

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Boulder Walls

We supply randomly shaped boulders from 100-300mm man-handed through to 600mm in size used mainly for retaining walls and landscaping.

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Sandstone tiles can be used for feature walls, flooring and paving.

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Crazy Pave

This ever-popular product comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Excellent for the DIY and great value, all year ’round.

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Quarry Products

Our Quarry products include road base, gravel, loam, crushed sandstone and many other forms.

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Garden Edging

Comes in random lengths:

  • Thickness – 100 – 110 wide
  • Heights – 150mm high , 200mm and 250mm

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Landscape Steps

Standard size landscape steps diamond sawn

start at 1.0x500x180mm and go up in size.

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Retaining blocks sandstone

Retaining Blocks

  • 500x500x1000
  • 4 face Champard
  • Exposed AG Face
  • Interlocking
  • Reconstituted Sandstone

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